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FAR Ranch Foals 2005 thru 2007

FAR Ranch Foals 2005

WE ARE now at 1089 Jerome Creek Road, Harvard, Idaho 83834

Foundation Appaloosa Breeding Herd For Sale

Herd bloodlines include Apache II, Red Eagle, Toby I thru IV, Minidoka/Simcoe lines,Chief Joseph, Medicine Man. Mare lines include Toby thru Nugget Jim, Toby thru Polar Star, Minidoka/Simcoe, Navajo Breeze, Mighty Texan, Pratt Lines, Sundance, Morgans Leopard, Ghost Wind lines, and more. Many of our appys go back to Traveler, Knobby and Desert Dancer.

Stallions, Mares, Fillies, and Colts, all ages, F1 - F5, Aphc FPD, ICAA, FAHR, AraAppaloosas. All appys imprinted, ground manners, friendly, intelligent, people oriented, some started under saddle. Some mares carrying F3-F6 foals, Discounts for foal back at weaning. Offers may include trades for feed, gear, materials, etc...Barn parts?

All offers should be placed to
Lease options will be considered on individual basis. Shipping costs are responsibility of buyer. <

 Appaloosas Studs and colts may be viewed at link on this page no link yet Wintered stallions are on limited sale to FAHR and ICAA members. 

All 7 stallions share winter pasture.
Appaloosas are mankinds truest friend!
FAR Ranch needs hay for the winter and will trade appaloosas.


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FAR Ranch needs a backer or partner to continue. We have the appaloosas and now the land. And a rare year round good Creek. We need a sales and business manager, a source of hay, and a trainer. The new land needs buildings. Please contact by e-mail.

Appaloosas for sale

New Phone 208 301 1751 cell phone
our phone is a buy minutes cell and does not work well, please e-mail

FAR new ranch and Apaches Sonny Toby, a new stud prospect.

Send an email to